This is the Kit I carry, I can get anything else at short notice



production mixer - sound recordist -sound design - boom

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Steve Thomas MIPS

01303863628 -- 07703519283

My Basic Kit (Some of it) anything else is possible

Sound Devices 633 8 track SD/ CF recorder
Sound Devices 442 PSC mixer

Roland R88 10 track CF recorder r
2 Sennheiser 416 gun mics & windjammers

Rode (stereo) NT4 & windjamme
akg 451 ck2 / knuckle Rode NT6
4 micron diversity radio mics with trams and cos 11s

5 Sennheiser radio mics with trams and cos 11s
Sony radio mic transmitters and camera mountablereceiver and directors receiver
2 xSoundcraft 12 channel mixer

a selection of neumann, akg,sennheiser,shure and vintage microphones and stands
Time code digislate, TC sync box 2 x black box radio xmitter
2 Long and 1 short panamic poles
Mixers trolley - large 12 volt battery, video and audio monitors and Lighting, weather cover etc Loads of other music and hand held mics cables leads & toys Full playback kit
All packed into a Renault Scenic / Peugeot 407 eatate

I am a full member of The Institution for Broadcast Sound (IBS) and have been for 15 years.

5.1 sound & edit suit with 2 workstations nuendo,Makie flying fader work surface, premier pro and full music and synth software and instruments, connect to my ftp for up/download.

home -- credits -- equipment -- gallery -- links